November 7, 2014

Happy Halloweeny

This was the only picture we took! I didn't even take one of LJ by himself. He might have to dress up again on a good random day just for the picture. I'm sure he would love that (insert sarcasm). He didn't even want to take this picture he was trying to undress himself while I was trying to dress him haha 

Memory Lane.. 

The day I look forward to every year is dressing up with my family. Lance and I dressed up before we had LJ and then there was 2012 when he was stuck at work so I dressed up last minute with my little big brothers. 

This was 2011 the year we started dating, we went out with a few friends to a club and we almost got 1st place. We ended up getting 2nd place because we lost Mario somewhere in that place and he never showed up when they were making their picks. Ever since then Lance hates peacocks, we lost to a peacock!! 

Then there was 2012, Lance was stuck at work so I put this together last minute! I was 5 months pregnant with my little LJ love. Now, he loves Mickey Mouse and yes I have a lot to do with that haha Disney is life!

2013 the year we started our family.. I swear this has got to be my favorite dress up of all time. LJ didn't think so, but I'm sure he will appreciate our Halloween spirit eventually haha 

November 6, 2014

Mornings full of Boogie

Sometimes he rather play with the girls than take pictures with him mommy (sad face).


I have a picky eater in my hands.. Sometimes it's tough to get him to eat anything at all so it's easier to throw in some fruits in the blender and make smoothies rather than have him just want to drink juice all day. Today's breakfast was just that before we boogied haha

Mommy and Me classes have been a kick off to our mornings for a while now. It's so much fun to see him sing, play and learn to share with other littles. 

I promise he was having fun and being a rebel as usual haha 

The joy LJ bring to my life is indescribable.. Seeing him try catch and try to eat bubbles makes my world go round! 

A day at McCall's Pumpkin Patch

We decided to wait to tke LJ to the pumpkin patch until G.P. (Grandpa, my father in law) came into town. LJ hasn't been feeling well these last few weeks so he wasn't having it in the beginning. 

This place was huge and full of children running around everywhere. I think that's when LJ felt like he could let lose and Ty and enjoy himself haha 

You can never go wrong with animals with this little guy it's like his favorite thing in the world! 

My animal whisperer haha

My little future PBR in training haha 

To say the least he had so much fun he wanted to jump off the tractor.. Eeek!!

Such a hard decision to pick a pumpkin it can be. Little decisions are just plain tough! 

Such a fun family day!! You did not disappoint pumpkin patch he already can't wait for next year!!

October 9, 2014

H&M just made my day!!

I been waiting patiently for the first H&M to open here in town. I always do some shopping there when we go back home to San Francisco. I'm hoping I will still like their trendy clothes once they open. I recently had a conversation with my husband about how I been feeling a bit old when I walk into those stores lately.. Sad, but true. 

Anyways, besides the store open I just saw that H&M now have a home decor line!!! What!!? Yes it's true! My day has been made! And I seriously can't wait for these few months to fly by so we can be settled into a new home. February can't come soon enough! Maybe I'll just start shopping and collecting everything now haha ooo the temptation! 

Check it out!! 

October 6, 2014

Family Play at the Park

Yes maybe I can be a bit bias, but honestly can you really blame me? I believe I have a beautiful family and we have created the perfect clone of us both. Yea he mostly takes after his dad in everything including his picky eating habits that I enjoy so much (sarcasm at its best!). Every now and then I see some of me, like his clumsiness (okay maybe that's with age, but I never lost it) and being a tad bit crazy when wanting the same thing of everything in different colors.

We took our end of the summer pictures and I can't tell you how much I love them! I really feel like I need extra walls because I can't find it in me to take older pictures hanging up out and put away. 

Yes planes are a huge distraction. He is absolutely amazed with them!!

Birds and dogs are another major distraction while taking pictures haha 

Toddlers and pictures don't always work out as planned. Especially with LJ he doesn't like to sit still or even smile when you ask him to say "cheese" he has to feel like it himself or else he will just squirm away. At the park it was so much fun playing and getting our moments captured naturally.